Revolutionary girl-rock trio TRiDENT delivers an upbeat song and message in the new music video Repaint. Repaint is the band’s 10th music video since its re-formation in early 2020. The music is composed by all three members of TRiDENT and lyrics by lead singer and guitarist ASAKA.


Even with eyes closed, fans should immediately recognize the signature TRiDENT grooves. The inventive guitar licks, thumping bass, and prodigious drumming feel ever fresh and engaging. TRiDENT’s musical bag of tricks runs deep: Repaint features an opening with uplifting, skyward guitars, and the chorus sweetens with layers of synth and piano complementing its hard rock core. This punchy rock tune is accompanied by ASAKA’s often urgent, almost breathless singing as she declares to herself and to us:

Don’t want my future self to look back with regrets
So I paint over today again and again
I draw a map of life with my own colors

Director Seidai Takekoshi, also credited with music videos for Spoopy (2022) and DISTINATION (2021) conjures visuals here that align perfectly with the music. A palette of colors splashes across the screen and complements every note in Repaint. Shots alternate between the band members rocking out and strolling through a city nightscape.

TRiDENT originated in Osaka in 2016 as Girls Rock Band Kakumei. After a brief hiatus in 2020, NAGISA took over on drums. Original members ASAKA and SERINA (on bass) along with newcomer NAGISA underwent the name change to embody the titular three-pronged spear in their imagery.

In May, TRiDENT announced Dream Up, a mini album featuring five yet unnamed tracks. According to the official band website, Dream Up is due “around autumn 2023” and will pair with a headlining tour that kicks off in Nagoya on December 2 and closes in Shinjuku on February 12, 2024. Prior to Dream UpTRiDENT will also tour from late June through October, hitting 10 Japanese cities in a mix of headlining and co-headlining gigs.

If you haven’t been introduced to TRiDENT, this latest music video is sure to motivate you to “repaint” your Jrock playlist!

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