Plastic Tree is releasing a new single called Azabana on July 19. It was announced on April 29 at their solo concert titled Peep Plastic Partition #23 National Kid at the venue Zepp DiverCity, and then later on Twitter. The band themselves noted that it had been three years and 10 months since they last released a new song!

Those at the concert had the privilege of hearing a sneak preview of Plastic Tree’s new song, but the rest of us will have to wait, as the band has yet to release any preview or teaser for Azabana online.

The physical CD version of the single will only be available as a Limited Release, however, it will include an A5-sized 60-page photo booklet with photos by photographer Takahisa Nakano.

The song announcement was accompanied by new artist photos of the band, with the members wearing colorful, yet moody prints.

Following the release of their new song, Plastic Tree is also doing a six-show tour across Japan, called Plastic Tree Autumn Tour 2023 “Aza to hana”. The tour kicks off on September 15 in Saitama.

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