Vocalist Keisuke from DEVILOOF shares a video message with fans worldwide following the band’s first major EP “DAMNED”, and its release concert “-RUIN-“.

The video touches on each of the track on the EP, describing the elements and inspiration—giving us a sense of how dynamic it is.

Towards the end of the video, Keisuke mentions that the band is eager to tour overseas next year, now that the COVID-19 situation seems to be improving. The cancellation of its European tour 2020 and the Latin America concert was disappointing, but they are excited at the prospect of finally being able to perform overseas and invite fans to come enjoy the show together.

DEVILOOF Keisuke teases overseas tour, talks EP "DAMNED"

Now that COVID-19 is settling down, we’re eager to go on tour overseas next year.

I’ve always wanted to perform live overseas, so I really can’t wait.

To our fans abroad, don’t miss our live show, you’re going to love it.

With DEVILOOF finally signing with major record label Tokuma Japan Communications, hopefully this will change things around and that we’ll finally see the members on foreign soil.

We’ve reported on DEVILOOF’s plans to play abroad since 2017, and several times in-between, so we’re truly crossing our fingers that it will happen this time around.

Furthermore, to celebrate the release of its EP, DEVILOOF held a concert titled “-RUIN-” on April 29 in Tokyo. This was its first concert after signing with a major record label.

Keisuke reflected on DEVILOOF’s past at the end of the concert. He acknowledged that they were often labeled as “unorthodox” because people questioned whether they were visual kei or metal, even though these two genres are considered inseparable in the history of Japanese music from his point of view. He expressed passionately that with their continued effort, DEVILOOF would no longer be seen as such.


  1. Damn
  2. Libido
  3. Dusky-Vision
  4. Ishtar
  5. The Blackened Sun
  6. Afterlife
  7. Terpsichore
  8. Newspeak
  9. Hero=Murderer
  10. False Self


  1. Ruin
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  1. Damn
  2. The Blackened Sun
  3. Afterlife
  4. Terpsichore
  5. False Self
  1. Damn
  2. The Blackened Sun
  3. Afterlife
  4. Terpsichore
  5. False Self
  2. Damn (MUSIC VIDEO)
  3. Damn (MAKING VIDEO)
  4. False Self (MUSIC VIDEO)
  5. False Self (MAKING VIDEO)
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