If the universe really started with a big bang, KNOSIS’ debut EP The Shattering is the sonic boom that forges new possibilities for metalcore as a genre. Running barely 8 minutes from start to finish, The Shattering sweeps in fast and hits hard, razing the playing field in its wake.

Released on March 22, this debut EP features a remaster of KNOSIS’ debut single Sei Sai, along with two new tracks Imi Oni and Kuruibi.

Sei Sai was already a banger, but the remastered version on The Shattering pulverizes. The new mixing pulls the thunderous kickdrums forward into a gunfire of blast beats. As a side note, vocalist Ryo Kinoshita says the lyrics are an homage to the Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear video game franchise.

The video below is of the original single version, but you can stream the remastered version on Spotify here.

Knosis | 星砕(Seisai) | Official Music Video

Second track Imi Oni initially turns down the BPM, but doesn’t let up on the intensity. The song layers industrial metal over a trap beat, creating something akin to Linkin Park’s 2002 album Reanimation. Ryo raps with forceful charisma that drives the composition forward through merciless breakdowns. While the mashup of styles is unexpected, somehow it works.

Knosis | 忌鬼(Imioni) | Official Music Video

Just when you think you have this band figured out, the third track Kuruibi drives home KNOSIS’ mantra “Know that you know nothing about me”. While keeping with the DNA framed in the first two tracks, vocalist Ryo throws in a completely new element with an atmospheric chorus reminiscent of Deftones.

Knosis | 狂火(Kuruibi) | Official Music Video

In a rapid sprint of three tracks, The Shattering keeps you on your toes. Each song is distinct, showing different angles of Ryo Kinoshita’s potential. It’s a lot, but it’s not “the kitchen sink”—everything has its logical place, carefully laid so each piece compliments the next. The album feels like a cycle of destruction and rebirth, like an Ouroborus.

Overall, KNOSIS’ The Shattering displays how metalcore is evolving at astonishing speed. Its ability to both incorporate genres and surpass barriers opens a wide realm of possibilities. When labels become arbitrary, artists can appeal to a much wider audience, create new sounds, and spread virally. We recommend checking this out, and keeping an eye on KNOSIS as they forge ahead.

Ryo Kinoshita, former vocalist of Crystal Lake started his solo music project Knosis in December 2022. KNOSIS is produced by The Hideout Studios, headed by Yosh, a fellow metal artist and vocalist of Survive Said The Prophet.

KNOSIS is currently in the middle of its Asia Tour, recently appearing at Hammersonic Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 19. The band shows no sign of slowing down, with a three-stop headlining tour in Japan this April, and a slot at Bloodaxe Festival 2023 this May.

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  1. Sei Sai
  2. Imo Oni
  3. Kuruibi