The experimental band “sukekiyo” divulged news of their next audio and video compilation, EROSIO, coming August 2023. We expect it will coincide with their upcoming tour, Dakara so no uchi (だからそのうち) which launches on August 17.

2023 also marks the band’s 10th anniversary, since its inception in October 2013. We wonder how the band will celebrate this milestone, along with EROSIO‘s release. We’re eagerly awaiting more details!

In 2022, sukekiyo released the audio and video compilation AMOR. The collection included one new song, two previously unreleased tracks, and a Blu-ray disc containing a music video and live footage. You can check out the music video from AMOR, Mosaic shoujo (モザイク少女) below.

From the rich cover art to the external china plate bonus, AMOR oozed decadence. We can’t wait to see what EROSIO holds!

Recently, vocalist Kyo (DIR EN GREY, Petit Brabancon) started an official TikTok account, making him the first member of his band to do so. Currently, the roster includes segments of music videos and live clips from DIR EN GREY’s discography. We wonder, will the vocalist virtuoso perform TikTok dances in the future? Be sure to follow him, and don’t miss a thing!

sukekiyo「モザイク少女」 Music Video (full ver.) from『AMOR』(2022.10 release)

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