The self-proclaimed “saddest party in Japan”, Emo Night Tokyo, is hosting its next event on February 25, this Saturday. Joining the list of activities this month is “emo karaoke”, which was introduced in the previous party in January, successful enough that they decided to bringing it back!

If you want to participate in the emo karaoke, contact Emo Night Tokyo on Instagram for information on how to get involved.

Besides the karaoke, there are performances by a bunch of bands and DJs. See the full program further down below.

Whether you are a fan of emo, or just want to dance and have fun, Emo Night Tokyo is not to be missed!

Emo Night Tokyo is a monthly event in Tokyo that brings people together through the power of music. Find out more by reading our experience of Emo Night Tokyo!

Emo Night Tokyo February

Footage from Emo Night Tokyo New Year (January)

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