The idol group LADYBABY has had its ups and downs, however, it is announced that a new project will begin this year!

From a short teaser, it is implied that the new project will be in collaboration with HEROINES (ヒロインズ), but other than that, there aren’t any further details.

HEROINES is an idol group, a collective name for 13 groups within it, such as AdamLilith, GILTY×GILTY, Parallel Cider, and more. Each group within HEROINES has their own respective concept and virtually speaking, operates as an independent group.

The idol group LADYBABY has gone through several changes throughout the years, in which they refer to as “seasons”.

Starting out in 2015 as a “kawaii-death” trio with LADYBEARD as the frontman, this became season 1.

The group later entered season 2 in 2016, after the departure of LADYBEARD, which left the two remaining members, Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya, under the new name “The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY”. In 2017, Rei Kuromiya left the group and only the founding member Rie Kaneko persisted.

Season 3 started in 2018 when three new members joined the group, and they once again promoted themselves under the simpler name, LADYBABY. Although, the group would eventually head into an indefinite hiatus that commenced in 2020.

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