Japanese poetry rapper HARU NEMURI resumes SHUNKA RYOUGEN – NORTH AMERICA TOUR 2022 with a surreal live performance at Trees in Dallas, TX. On October 15, an unpretentious brick-and-mortar building in the performing arts district hosted the eclectic musician.

Since beginning her career, she’s taken slam poetry to new heights by mixing in influences from Jpop, rock, and metal.


Get ready to jump with HARU NEMURIG Andrew White (JROCK NEWS)

Her appearance this time is the second run across North America since first coming over in 2020. At that time, she performed in Brooklyn, NY, and a few other cities until the Covid pandemic shut down touring activities.

Yet, the indiscriminate disease would strike again and impact the singer directly on this tour in 2022. After testing positive. HARU had to postpone the shows in Washington D.C., Brooklyn, Atlanta, Houston, Corpus Cristi, and San Antonio. Yet, she hunkered down in quarantine and was determined to return to good health. On the day of the show in Dallas, she reported to us that she was feeling 100% and was ready to get back on stage!


HARU braces herself next to one of the iconic “trees” at Trees in Dallas, TXG Andrew White (JROCK NEWS)

Inside the lounge, her fans from across the state and local regulars gathered for this uncommon presentation. While a house band served as her opening act, she demonstrated a remarkable appreciation for them.

During the set, HARU slipped into the crowd unnoticed! Apparently, she treasures the experience of live performances and blends in as another face in the crowd. Imagine the surprise of her fans in that venue, had they turned around at that moment, being face-to-face with the very performer whose merch they were wearing!

Though there is more to HARU than a fan-turned-performer, her music is visceral and personal. Once she takes to the stage, she takes her music right into the heart of the audience with tons of power.

At one point, HARU jumps off the stage and into the pit to sing and dance around in the audience! As she sails through the crowd, she finds a table by the bar and stands triumphantly on this wooden platform, anchoring herself like a ship to a harbor in a sea of people. She invites the world with a siren’s call to this haven, but then, frantically, charts another course from East to West in the downtown dance hall. Finally, she gets lost in this virtual ocean, but somehow finds her way back to the beachhead of the main stage.


Preparing to “fly”G Andrew White (JROCK NEWS)

Yet, this would not be her first foray into the masses. At the peak of the performance of Shunka Ryougen, she calls her next move and stage dives! Everyone on the floor happily holds her up while she releases all her fury. Later in the final set, she again points to the front of the stage and dives in again!

At the end of the show, the audience demanded more and HARU granted them their request. During the three-song encore, one lucky fan who caught HARU’s attention early on Instagram received a special invitation. During the song Narashite, the fan from Instagram was welcomed on stage to sing and dance with the star.


One lucky fan is about to get a surprise invite…G Andrew White (JROCK NEWS)

There are few performers today who dare to deliver what HARU NEMURI does in a live house. Certainly, she could sing her songs and stay grounded on the stage. But this genre-defying talent desires to fly beyond borders. Experience this for yourself when she performs again overseas, such as at Americas biggest music and film festival South by Southwest in March 2023. Or follow her adventure with the documentary series on YouTube.

Plus, check out her recent album SHUNKA RYOUGEN and revel in this sonic typhoon.

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