As a newly established visual kei band, DAMNED pushes forward with the second single titled “hydrangea.”, released on November 25. Similar to their debut single VELTRO, the freshly sprouted single hydrangea. follows the footsteps of being an aggressive work, with lots of scream vocals for the two songs included.

The song hydrangea.—named after the flower—may be the title track, but if my personal recommendation is to go by, I think the B-side song SET ME FIRE is the one that really shines between the two! It definitely fits the description “visual kei loudcore”, which is what the band characterize themselves as.

You can listen to hydrangea. on streaming platforms starting today, but don’t forget to buy the single if you really like it, especially on Bandcamp where the band will get an 85%-90% share of the cut.

VELTRO was a session band started in early 2022 and consisted of vocalist Keigo, guitarist “Kou.”, guitarist You, bassist Sakura, and drummer Masaya. Under the name VELTRO, they released two singles, Grimnir and Revenir.

After terminating VELTRO on an already pre-determined date, September 16, the members announced on the same day that they would formally begin their activities as “DAMNED”.

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