Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra is back and in a big way! The solo project, abbreviated as CBO, headed by Cazqui, formerly of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST and currently in nekomanju, released its first music video for an unreleased song THE BUTTON EYES. Everything about the music video is thrilling but what’s remarkable is the band lineup consisting of visual kei band members.

The lineup for this song includes DEXCORE’s vocalist Kagami and of course guitarist Cazqui of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST. There’s also guitarist Daichi, also formerly of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, alongside bassist Boogie and drummer Zyean of JILUKA. Finally, we have violinist Kanata Yumishiro of the band AURORIZE, and manipulator Velladon, who worked on CBO’s The rupture of a blood vessel on their first single OSWALD. Some might say this is the Unlucky Morpheus of visual kei, a band that also plays metal music and has a violinist.

All of these musicians have come together to create an epic collaboration song and music video for THE BUTTON EYES.

THE BUTTON EYES - Cazqui's Brutal Orchestra

The music video brings interactive choreography, cool visual glitches, lyric typography, art from Isana Kagami (BLACKINK) who’s worked with NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST and guitarist Cazqui before, and brilliant CGI art. So much happens in the white studio space they perform in, becoming the perfect stage for an incredible song.

The composition for THE BUTTON EYES is sublime with Kagami’s clean and distinct vocals, wild guitar solo by Cazqui, impactful drumming by Zyean, emotive violin playing by Kanata, and powerful synths from Velladon, to name a few standout moments.

It’s also my own speculation that Cazqui is carving out a story about gothic rabbits. That’s present in the artwork in the music video and in their previous single OSWALD.

The project performs at JILUKA’s sponsored tour “MAD PIT TOUR 2022” FINAL: Tokyo Performance on November 23 at venue Akabana ReNY alpha. They will also hold a free live performance titled Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra LIVE 000 “Dēmonstration” on November 19 at venue Aoyama RiZM with tickets now sold out.

Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra, or CBO for short first formed back in 2019 when the project performed for the first time at JILUKA’s “MAD PIT TOUR 2019”. Not only that but they also released their first single OSWALD which was initially live-limited but was eventually released digitally. Since then, CBO worked with the now-disbanded metal idol unit miscast and metalcore band MIST. However, nothing has been revealed until now with THE BUTTON EYES music video.

Can you spot each member in this forward-facing image of their artist photo?

From left to right: Guitarist Daichi, bassist Boogie, drummer Zyean, guitarist Cazqui, vocalist Kagami, violinist Kanata Yumishiro, manipulator Velladon.

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