“Ashmaze.” will release their fourth single Siren on December 14 and to get ahead of the game, the band reveals the music video for the title track.

The music video follows a reclusive teenager who shows signs of anti-social behavior, but as things takes a turn, it starts to look up by the end.

Ashmaze. - サイレン(Official Music Video)

In a dark room filled with rubbish, the teenage boy plays video games intensely, to the point that even a knock on the door by his mom causes great frustration. However, as vocalist Souma starts to intervene, the boy’s behavior begins to change. We watch him go through a mental struggle before eventually easing into a better state of mind, allowing him to take the first step out of his room.

It is around this part where Souma lays down gravelly vocals to the dirty-sounding guitars, and almost operatic vocals for the verse. There’s also the build-up to the uplifting and softer chorus that soothes the harsh soundscape.

Ashmaze’s single Siren will feature the title track and a to-be-announced second track on CD, while the DVD has the music video for Siren followed by its behind-the-scenes footage.

The band’s red outfits, for me personally, fit the song Siren well as the association with any loud sounds definitely fits such striking color—almost like a warning sign.

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  1. Siren Music Video
    サイレン Music Video
  2. Siren Behind The Scenes
    サイレン Behind The Scenes
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