As promised by BABYMETAL, October commences the group’s comeback roadmap that is packed with important events. And today, we receive the first punch through the digital single, Divine Attack – Shingeki –, offering a vicious and melancholic metal sound! This marks the first digital single out of five, before later reaching the full concept album titled THE OTHER ONE.

The single retains all the great aspects of BABYMETAL that fans have come to love, such as heavy guitars, fast double kicks, vocalist SU-METAL’s expressive vocals, and much more! The song was co-written by MEGMETAL (MEG) and HAYAMETAL (Yamamoto Hayato), with MEGMETAL taking charge in the mix and guitar department. HAYAMETAL describes the song as a hybrid between a powerful symphonic sound, combined with the electronic music style, drum and bass.

Through the “official visualizer” music video, Divine Attack – Shingeki – presents itself in a dystopic galactic theme. It plays in well with the group’s current concept phase where the two legends, SU-METAL and MOAMETAL, are in the process of returning to earth.


The single was officially released at midnight October 21 in Japan and will make its way to your digital music store on the same day, local time. But if you can’t wait, grab it now at OTOTOY.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next digital single, because that’s just a month away!

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  1. Divine Attack - Shingeki -
    Divine Attack - 神撃 -