Tokyo mixture rock band PRAISE released its single Marumouke last week, but now they’re taking it one step further by sharing its music video! With a rapcore deliverance, fusing hip hop and punk rock, the band members brings a blood pumping performance thanks to the heavy and rhythmic instrumentals combined with aggressive rap. But the cherry on top of it must be the use of a fisheye lens, adding that extra punk flair from the early 2000s.

Get ready for a live-like show with the music video Marumouke by PRAISE.

The single Marumouke is one of the first official songs the band has released in two years, along with the single Kibatogisurudosagamasu that was released on the same day, September 21.

Within the two-year time frame, the band did however take part in the sci-fi sports anime Tribe Nine with its character song contribution, GAREKI WAR. This is the same anime that MIYAVI, and Void_Chords took part in.

Grab Marumouke digitally on iTunes or stream it through Spotify and Apple Music.

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