Rock duo BRATS will drop their song Spiderweb on September 16 on streaming services. The new release was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign from earlier this year.

BRATS - New Song "Spiderweb" Teaser AD Type-2

So far, they have released a few teasers of the new tune. While uniquely reminiscent of their popular tracks Forget me not and Kimarigoto (決まりごと). Spiderweb hints at being very heavy and more progressive.

BRATS - New Song "Spiderweb" Teaser AD Type-4

We have been awaiting this song from BRATS since we last reported on them in January. Back then, the duo was looking into creating an eye-catching music video utilizing cutting-edge technology. The answer they arrived at was ultimately the high-tech studio “BLACK BOX³”. To cover the production cost, BRATS started a crowdfunding campaign.

Get ready for what looks to be an aggressive banger from BRATS!

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