Little is known about the enigmatic rock band blank paper, who will perform at Otakuthon in Montreal on August 5. All the general public knows is that it appears to not be human.

A glance at blank paper’s backstory reveals it is not human at all. In fact, it is a new legal sound-based drug from the future, that can bring relief to negative feelings. Its street name is “bpm”—blank paper medicine.

As such, blank paper has no “members”, only “components”. The entity known as blank paper includes two vocal components: C45P3R and T3R354. C45P3R possesses a biologically male singing voice. It mainly creates tracks and plays musical instruments. T3R354 possesses a biologically female singing voice, with an exceptionally high tonal range. It mainly writes lyrics.

Despite having only two songs out, blank paper performed as guests of honor at Japan Expo in France, as well as HYPER JAPAN in the UK.

With all this lore and mystery, JROCK NEWS wanted to know more about this unique music project. Following blank paper’s Europe live debut, we logged on for a byte-to-byte chat with the enigmatic syndicate blank paper. True to their brand, blank paper answers as one complete entity.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Please introduce yourselves!

blank paper: blank paper is a syndicate that creates “bpm = blank paper medicine”, a sound drug that can be taken legally without injecting, smoking, or swallowing. It refines this audio medicine based on what resonates in the hearts and minds of its followers.

Why was blank paper created?

blank paper: To spread its sound medicine throughout the world.

What is the reason behind being an anonymous group? How does it affect the group?

blank paper: blank paper is not anonymous. It was created for the purpose of sound medicine. It consists of C45P3R and T3R354, as well as other components. All parts of the syndicate work well together.

You’ve already gotten a warm welcome from fans through the millions of streams of the song enemy. Even though you haven’t even shown your faces yet, people are still embracing you. How does that feel?

blank paper: blank paper is very happy to see that its sound medicine is spreading all over the world!

Let’s talk about your latest single High legacy. Did you start out with the intention of it being a wrestling song, and can you tell us how this collaboration came to be?

blank paper: The New Japan Pro Wrestling organization requested sound medicine, so blank paper fulfilled the prescription. blank paper was very happy to receive such a request as its members love wrestling.

For this track, can you tell us which is your favorite line in the lyrics?

blank paper: “Kimareba nagare ga kawaru TIME BOMB” (If we want to we can change the flow of time like a TIME BOMB).

Do you remember the first time you watched wrestling? Can you tell us how you felt at that moment?

blank paper: Yes, getting up close to the ring, which has previously only been seen on TV, was like a dream come true!

If you had to become a wrestler for a day, what would be your wrestling name?

blank paper: C45P3R

What would be your signature move, and what would you name it?

blank paper: WHITE KICK

Let’s talk about the future of blank paper. What type of activities can we expect in the near future?

blank paper: At present, only two types of sound drug exist in the world: enemy and High legacy. So blank paper would like to increase its production and create more.

Despite being a new group, you’re already traveling overseas to perform. How do you feel about the upcoming overseas shows?

blank paper: blank paper wants to focus on spreading “bpm = blank paper medicine” all over the world!

Please leave a message for our readers and your international fans.

blank paper: blank paper promises to perform in your country with its sound medicine in the near future.

Until then, please keep an eye on blank paper’s activities.

JROCK NEWS thanks blank paper and JPU Records for this interview.

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