We’ve almost reached a decade since DEATHGAZE entered its indefinite hiatus back in 2014, but even to this day, the members keep seeking new musical outlets. One of them is drummer Naoki who recruited new members for a band that eventually became DEXCORE in 2016. Although he ended up departing a few years later, we’ve now seen Naoki starting to pick up the pace on YouTube instead.

The videos Naoki primarily uploads consist of drum covers and DEATHGAZE playthroughs, with the first video being uploaded a few months back, a cover of X Japan’s song Kurenai—a fitting choice for any visual kei or rock drummer!

The most recent video is a playthrough of DEATHGAZE’s amends, but what’s even more interesting is that in the description, Naoki explains that he chose to play the song due to it being the most requested song. Hopefully, fans will be able to influence his future videos as well to see even more DEATHGAZE-related content.

Naoki does a playthrough of DEAD BLAZE, one of DEATHGAZE’s fastest songs.

In case you weren’t aware, Deviloof‘s drummer Kanta also has a drum channel on YouTube. Surprisingly, the two actually gathered to collaborate which resulted in two drum “battle” videos!

Each person had to learn a song from the other’s band, and then, they’d get together to perform each of the songs simultaneously, face-to-face.

Here’s Naoki showing you the process of setting up his drumset that has two bass drums while also introducing his setup.

If you’re enjoying Naoki’s drum videos, don’t forget to show your support by subscribing! And let us all keep the spirit of DEATHGAZE alive!

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