Lately, we’ve seen a wave of creepy hilarious AI-generated art hitting social media—spewed from the machine that is DALL·E mini. Let’s be honest, the art it comes up with is equally terrifying and intriguing, especially when it attempts to draw its interpretation of a human face. Technology-wise, it’s highly impressive how it generates these images. By learning and combining its “knowledge” from compiling millions of images from the internet, simply throw in a handful of keywords, hit “run”, and watch the brain tick for a minute or two before it presents you with a masterpiece.

We had a hand at making our own “art”, and we proudly present our gallery of Jrock-inspired images. Enjoy.

Bottom left, BABYMETAL MOAMETAL celebrating her grill?

The middle one with one of the DIR EN GREY members giving alligator CPR wins my award.

Erica made something really comfortable for us to look at.

“It says farmers, but xD” – Afaenia.

MIYAVI playing chess and guitar, then winning. Seems realistic.


Yoshiki participated in activities at a local primary school.

“Scarf no Jutsu” – Nomusic.

Did you enjoy this post? Come up with your own on DALL·E mini and post or tag us in your creations.

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