Despite everything the world has been throwing at us recently, Crossfaith is showing no signs of stopping! After just finishing a European tour earlier this month, they’ve now made plans to once again tour the world while taking the opportunity to also celebrate their 15th anniversary.

The world tour dubbed ATLAS OF FAITH consists of 18 countries, 50 cities, and 52 shows. The band dispatches in September and will be on the road until the end of the year.

Tickets are now on sale!


Date Country City Info
September 08 USA Berkeley, CA Tickets
September 09 USA Los Angeles, CA Tickets
September 10 USA Santa Cruz, CA Tickets
September 11 USA San Diego, CA Tickets
September 13 USA Phoenix, AZ Tickets
September 15 USA Austin, TX Tickets
September 16 USA Houston, TX Tickets
September 17 USA Dallas, TX Tickets
September 18 USA Memphis, TN Tickets
September 20 USA Virginia Beach, VA Tickets
September 21 USA Durham, NC Tickets
September 23 USA Birmingham, AL Tickets
September 24 USA Atlanta, GA Tickets
September 25 USA Baltimore, MD Tickets
September 27 USA Philadelphia, PA Tickets
September 28 USA New York, NY Tickets
September 30 USA Boston, MA Tickets
October 01 Canada Montreal, QC Tickets
October 02 Canada Toronto, ON Tickets
October 03 USA Chicago, IL Tickets
October 07 USA Sacramento, CA Tickets
October 08 USA Portland, OR Tickets
October 09 USA Seattle, WA Tickets
October 14 Brazil São Paulo Tickets
October 16 Mexico Mexico City Tickets
October 21 Australia Brisbane Tickets
October 22 Australia Sydney Tickets
October 23 Australia Melbourne Tickets
October 29 Italy Milan Tickets
October 30 Germany Munich Tickets
October 31 Switzerland Zurich Tickets
November 02 Germany Stuttgart Tickets
November 03 Austria Vienna Tickets
November 04 Hungary Budapest Tickets
November 05 Czech Republic Prague Tickets
November 07 Poland Warsaw Tickets
November 08 Poland Krakow Tickets
November 09 Germany Leipzig Tickets
November 11 Germany Berlin Tickets
November 12 Denmark Copenhagen Tickets
November 13 Germany Hamburg Tickets
November 15 France Paris Tickets
November 17 Belgium Vosselaar Tickets
November 18 Germany Cologne Tickets
November 19 Netherlands Eindhoven Tickets
November 21 England Huddersfield Tickets
November 22 England Liverpool Tickets
November 23 England Nottingham Tickets
November 25 England London Tickets
November 26 England London Tickets
December 08 Japan Tokyo Tickets
December 09 Japan Tokyo Tickets

Prepare for the shows by checking out Crossfaith’s latest heavy single Gimme Danger, featured as the theme song for Baki’s 30th-anniversary celebration.

Crossfaith - Gimme Danger feat. ralph

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