Rides In ReVellion releases a music video for their newest single Shinitai Yoru wo Koete, an energetic rock song that will hype up your mood. The music video shows the members performing in a room full of blinking lights giving the atmosphere of a live venue.

「死にたい夜を越えて」Rides In ReVellion【Official Music Video】

The single Shinitai Yoru wo Koete is available for purchase via the band’s official webshop on June 4 or their ongoing one-man tour “7th heaven”. The CD includes the B-side songs Juvenile and N/EVER FOREVER for a total of three tracks. You can preview all songs in the audio digest below.

Rides In ReVellion「死にたい夜を越えて」Trailer MOVIE

Lastly, take a look at the members in their new profile pictures. The contrast caused by the colorful lights we see in their group photo causes the members to look very different in their individual shots.

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