Reol’s new single Sekirara (赤裸裸, Naked) has made its way out today, May 18 in Japan, through its digital release and music video!

Offering a high-intense rock sound that was created in collaboration with the Vocaloid producer Tsumiki (ツミキ)—best known for the hit track Phony—this marks a new chapter in Reol’s career!

Just as the title Naked implies, the single cuts off the bullshit and is as straightforward as it can be. From the lyrics to the music and melodies, it exposes Reol’s true nature.

Give it a listen and discover the new refreshing take on “Reol”.

Reol - 赤裸裸 / NAKED Lyric Video

While we’ve been enjoying Reol’s more recent music that sits within the DTM (electronic) playing field, we’re glad to see her also return to a rock sound once in a while.

Grab the single Sekirara on all the major digital stores or stream it on subscription services.

Update 2022-05-17: The music video for Sekirara (Naked) is now out!

Reol - '赤裸裸 / Naked' Music Video

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