Japan’s hot as hell all-girls rock band releases single A Ray Of Light on May 11. The new track kicks off what could be a big year for the heavy metal quintet, as they also announced their first US show this July.

Sound Upgraded, New Look Unlocked

The new song starts with lead singer mayu’s powerful screams, then suddenly, she transitions into a clean melodic tone for the chorus. That clash of style would be brutal for any other vocalist, but mayu handles it with ease. All the while, guitarists Hazuki and Saki effortlessly hammer on some awesomely heavy riffs. Moreover, the rhythm and mix demonstrate expertise even above their 2020 debut OIRAN.

NEMOPHILA / A Ray Of Light [Official Music Video]

In the music video, the ladies sway between shafts of light that illuminate their new black and white outfits. Close-ups of the instruments reveal the members’ technical prowess. The band looks confident and ready for their next big step.

American Debut at The Whisky

NEMOPHILA plays their first US show on July 1 at the world-famous venue Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, CA. They will be standing on the same stage that once held up The Doors, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Linkin Park, and so many other rock legends. Even though NEMOPHILA already planned to fly over in October for Aftershock, apparently, they could not wait to rock America.


Date Location Venue Info
July 1 Hollywood, CA Whisky a Go Go Tickets
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