One of Japan’s most enigmatic new names in rock, “blank paper” announced that their second single High legacy will be available to download and stream worldwide from June 3.

Their knock-out second single High legacy was chosen as a theme song for two wrestling events in their home country of Japan. The track is the theme song for the New Japan Pro Wrestling tournament Best of the Super Jr. 29 and the ending theme for the Japanese TV program World Pro Wrestling through the months of June and July.

With its powerful sound and links to wrestling within its lyrics, High legacy will surely impact fans of rock music and wrestling around the world!

Regarding the new release, blank paper’s vocalist C45P3R comments:

Nice to meet you all, we are blank paper. Our new single High legacy will be released on June 3. It’s a very exciting fight song. Please listen to it!

blank paper also announced they will tour overseas this summer, with shows scheduled at HYPER JAPAN in London and OTAKUTHON in Montreal. Expect more appearances to be announced shortly!

blank paper made waves last year when they debuted without artist pictures or information about the project and its members. The identity of blank paper’s core members has yet to be disclosed beyond code names “C45P3R” and “T3R354”.

blank paper’s debut single enemy has been streamed over a million times since its release. enemy served as the theme song to mecha anime AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline (released in Japan under the title Kyokai Senki) from animation studio Sunrise Beyond, the same studio that produced beloved series such as Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, and Code Geass. enemy was also used as the entrance music for Muay Thai athlete Yoshinari Nadaka.

Although the members remain unidentified, you can see from their involvement that they are fans of high-energy combat sports!

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