Bringing a chapter to a close is never easy. How do you adequately convey all that you have achieved during that time? Mary’s Blood has, over the course of 13 years, released seven full-length albums and two mini-albums, and has countless live performances to their name. To sum up all those achievements and to celebrate their successes—they performed an extra-long 20-song setlist at Toyosu Pit in Tokyo that spanned every stage of their evolution.

Mary's Blood at Toyosu Pit 2022

Mary’s Blood at Toyosu Pit 2022nonseptic

As the lights dimmed and the background music grew louder, the anticipation was palpable. After the members all entered the stage, clad in the outfits from their latest album, and settled themselves into position, they launched full throttle into the opening track Without A Crown from their latest album Mary’s Blood without hesitation. The audience responded in kind, fists and light sticks raised, pulsing along to the furious intro. Bathed in blood red and royal purple lighting, MARI’s steady-as-a-rock drumming combined with RIO’s rhythmic bass paved the way for guitarist SAKI and support guitarist YASHIRO’s twin guitars to dance over their thunderous tones. Vocalist EYE also came out swinging, showing off her range and power as well as hyping the crowd up even more.

Following up with World’s End from the fourth album Revenant, the band kept up the pressure with the bass-heavy riffs and EYE’s powerful vocals. The strong early-2000s metalcore energy pulled the front rows into a headbanging frenzy.

Vocalist EYEnonseptic

A short, emotional MC from EYE led us into Wings, the twin guitars soaring through the crowd as the stage turned a beautiful shade of sky blue. The red and purple accents made a return for the verses and choruses, making for a truly soul-lifting, brightly burning anthem of hope and courage.

The catchy synth intro to Let Me Out allowed for a brief moment of respite before the band leaped into the track, the audience a sea of fists pumping in unison. You could really feel that the 8 years YASHIRO has spent as a support guitarist allowed her and SAKI to form a tight bond, which was showcased in this track beautifully.

A sudden shift to total darkness and a sole yellow spotlight on SAKI as she ripped into Moebius Loop’s opening solo sped things up once more, with MARI’s full-pelt double-kick drumming throughout the chorus hammering away.

Second for an individual MC was RIO, with EYE commenting on how far she had come to be able to do one in the first place.

Next up was Hunger, accented with stark reds and greens, with RIO’s bass growling along underneath EYE’s seductive vocals, followed swiftly by a bass solo leading us into R.I.P.. The hot pink lighting and pyrotechnics added majorly to the old-school rock’n’roll vibes. Launching no hesitation into Counter Strike, it was clear they had no intention of slowing down before the break that marked the halfway point for this farewell performance.

Bassist RIOnonseptic

Returning in white outfits reminiscent of the look from their first album, Countdown To Evolution, the very danceable It’s Alright was the first song for the second half. EYE really gave this song her all, both vocally and with her energetic movements.

Slowing down the party a little for HANABI, from the more pop end of Mary’s Blood’s impressive catalog, the band really showcased the range of their songwriting ability. A fantastic choice for the second song into the latter half.

The third individual MC was guitarist SAKI, who also gave space for support guitarist YASHIRO to speak. Campanula allowed the two of them to shine once more before a high-energy drum solo from MARI, which culminated in the banging of the huge gong which had been lurking behind her kit the whole time.

Drummer MARInonseptic

The members returned for Marionette, probably the most well-known track from their repertoire, and for good reason. Bite The Bullet kept up the pace, with MARI’s steady drumming and RIO’s crunchy bass thrumming along underneath SAKI and YASHIRO’s high-octane riffs and EYE’s intense belting.

Drummer MARI was the final MC for this main section and echoed similar sentiments about their time together. Coronation Day continued the rhythm-section heavy tone as the crowd continued to bounce along, showing no signs of slowing during the onslaught.
The penultimate song of the main event, Burning Blaze, a track from the second mini-album SCARLET, made for a fiery blast from the past.

With the white lights accenting their white stage outfits, epic twin guitars brought the audience home with Promised Land, the final crescendo leaving the main setlist on a high note as the members exited the stage to raucous applause.

Returning for the encore in customized tour shirts, the members wasted no time leaping back into action with Blow Up Your Fire and some incredible technical drumming from MARI, swiftly followed by Queen Of The Night where those twin guitars once again slammed in with a high-speed riff that melted into a beautiful harmony and RIO’s steady rhythm keeping things tight.

Guitarist SAKInonseptic

After a short MC from EYE, Starlight set the tone for what was to become the beginning of the very end. SAKI’s impressive tapping was on full display here. As Starlight ended, and the intro for the final song began, EYE took a moment to address the audience with some advice that all of us could take to heart – “tell the people that you love, that you love them.” The love that this group has for their supporters and vice versa was almost palpable as the softer guitars led us gently into Say Love.

“Last of all, with everything we’ve got, we’ll give you this song.”

The meaningful lyrics to the ballad highlighted the depth and breadth of songwriting ability that Mary’s Blood possesses, a beautifully layered track.

And then, though it only felt like a moment, the evening was brought to a close.

Mary's Blood after the performance

Left to right: SAKI, MARI, EYE, RIO and YASHIROnonseptic

Thankfully, for those who were unable to attend, the performance was recorded and will be released in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

Mary’s Blood The Final Day ~Countdown to Evolution~

Saturday, April 9 2022 at Toyosu Pit

Setlist – First half

  1. SE
  2. Without A Crown
  3. World’s End
  4. MC (EYE)
  5. Wings
  6. Let Me Out
  7. Moebius Loop
  8. MC (RIO)
  9. Hunger
  10. (Bass solo)
  11. R.I.P.
  12. Counter Strike

Setlist – Second half

  1. It’s Alright
  3. MC (SAKI)
  4. Campanula
  5. (Drum solo)
  6. Marionette
  7. Bite the Bullet
  8. MC (MARI)
  9. Coronation Day
  10. Burning Blaze
  11. Promised Land


  1. Blow Up Your Fire
  2. Queen of the Night
  3. MC (EYE)
  4. Starlight
  5. SE
  6. Say Love
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  1. Last Daybreak
  2. Without A Crown
  3. Blow Up Your Fire
  4. Joker
  5. Be Myself
  6. Umbrella
  7. ignite
  8. Hunger
  9. Let Me Out
  10. Mad Lady
  11. Starlight
  • 16-page booklet
  • 8-page exclusive English lyric translation booklet
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