GUNGIRE will drop their second dose of music on April 22 with the single Trigger, which will be available through digital platforms, following the recent release of their debut single Rotten Vegetable on April 15.

The single Trigger is a fast-paced heavy track filled with furious gutturals from vocalist Nana! This time around the band collaborates with the New York producer Richie Beretta for the mixing process.

GUNGIRE is a new metal band to look forward to in the Tokyo area. Described as “Japan’s most insanely angry band”, the formation is composed of vocalist Nana from THEO NOVA, who is also active as a guest vocalist in FATE GEAR. Then we have guitarist Matsu from FAKE ISLAND, bassist “Ta1”, and guitarist “ysk”.

The band’s first single Rotten Vegetable is now available through digital platforms, so be sure to give it a listen in the meantime.

  1. Rotten Vegetable
  1. Trigger
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