Unlucky Morpheus has announced a new album titled “evolution” which goes on sale on April 27! This is the band’s first album in about two years since “Unfinished” was released back in 2020. With the recent reveal, the artwork and tracklist for evolution are now readily available, along with an elegant band photo where we once again see the members on and surrounding a leather throne.

Notably, Unlucky Morpheus describes the upcoming album as a work that is “sophisticated yet wild”, so we’re crossing our fingers that it will live up to our newfound expectations. We will also see the latest single “M” Revolution included, a song that certainly ticks off those two boxes!

So far, the stores that have been listed to hold the album are diskunion, Melonbooks, and Amazon. But the band adds “and more” at the end of the list, so we can expect to see the album appear in more places.

The Japanese store diskunion offers store-limited bonus content which includes the instrumental version of the album songs. And ordering from Melonbooks—also a Japanese store—will get you an A1 double-sided poster as its store-limited bonus content.

Although the aforementioned stores only ship domestically, both diskunion and Melonbooks advertise proxy services (parcel forwarding services) on their sites. If you’re interested in ordering the album with the bonus content, please follow the instructions on the respective website.

Update 2022-04-01: Preview for the album is now available.

[Official Trailer] Full Album『evolution』Unlucky Morpheus (2022.4.27 Release!!)

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  1. evolution
  2. "M" Anthem
  3. アマリリス
  4. Welcome to Valhalla
  5. 誰が為に
  6. Wer ist Faust?
  7. The Black Death Mansion Murders
  8. Serene Evil
  9. "M" Revolution
  10. 夢幻
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