The Brow Beat continues to stun with the announcement of their first major album, “404”. The band just joined the major label Pony Canyon in 2021, and their first major album “404” is due out on April 27.

This album will contain a total of 10 songs, including the opening theme song “harevutai” for the TV anime “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS”.

“404” is now available for pre-order. As is normal with Japanese releases, the album comes with multiple versions available—Type A, Type B, and Type C. Type A is considered “Limited Edition” and includes the full 10-song album as well as a DVD with a music video and making-of. Type B includes the full album, as well as a special The Brow Beat bandana. Last but not least, Type C includes the CD and a secret bonus track!

Each version features unique jacket art, with vivid neon lights that fit HAKUEI and Ryuji’s contrasting styles.

The Brow Beat also announced they will embark on a national one-man tour in Japan for the first time in two years! They released an adrenaline-fueled video promoting the tour as well as the album “404”.

The Brow Beat 「The Brow Beat Live Tour 2022 “404”」告知映像

Composed of performers (and dual vocalists) HAKUEI and Ryuji Sato, The Brow Beat is an upbeat rock band with a diverse portfolio of music. To find out more about The Brow Beat, you can read our translated interview with them here!

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