The wait for SiM’s most epic music video is finally over as they’ve just put out the band version music video for The Rumbling! Besides the members displaying a splendid performance, what elevates the epicness in the video is the inclusion of titans. The sheer amount of them that run across the screen is overwhelming as at the same time, the members are seemingly being constantly targeted by this destructive force.

In case you’ve been “living behind a wall”, The Rumbling is the opening theme song for the shounen anime “Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2” (Shingeki no Kyojin), and that is the reason why we’ve been able to see these two forces clash. In our interview with SiM, vocalist MAH explains how they received the opportunity.

MAH: I think it’s thanks to [the record label] Pony Canyon that we’ve been able to be involved with such a big work like Attack on Titan. We can only do what we can do by creating music and performing hard, so I’m looking forward to the part where we can gain something together that we can’t do by ourselves and that is even bigger than that.

Now, get ready to see the band perform not only “in real life”, but also as digital 3D scanned characters!

SiM – The Rumbling (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

SiM first unveiled The Rumbling and its participation in Attack on Titan on the same day the ongoing season started airing in Japan, January 10. The full release of the single came a month later, on February 7, which simultaneously showed off the first teaser for the band version music video.

The reception for The Rumbling has been incredibly positive, reaching 30 million views on YouTube in just three days for the anime rendition music video. Among many charting spots, the band was able to hit the top spot on the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart on January 29.

If you’re interested in learning more about SiM and the song The Rumbling, make sure to give our recent interview with the band a read!

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