The reggae-punk band SiM recently started receiving worldwide attention thanks to the opening theme song “The Rumbling” that appears in the shounen anime “Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2” (Shingeki no Kyojin). Throughout the period of the anime being broadcast, the band has been putting out new related content at a steady pace, such as the band rendition of the music video The Rumbling, but also official instrumental playthrough for each instrument.

After having first unveiled the playthrough for the drums, the bass came after, and today, the guitar playthrough has landed! These playthroughs are especially invaluable for cover artists as it allows many of the details to enter the surface, many that which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Check out all of the instrumental playthroughs below where we also included the band members’ comments on their impression on seeing fans’ covers on YouTube. You can get the full context by reading our interview with SiM here!

Drums playthrough by GODRi

GODRi: The original parts, of course, but also the covers that we don’t play, such as piano, classical guitar, EDM arrangements, etc., are interesting, and there are many new discoveries.

Bass playthrough by SIN

SIN: I’m very happy because it’s the first time we’ve been covered by so many people from overseas.

At the time of this interview today, the full version hasn’t been released yet, so they don’t know the real tuning, and they’re covering it, so I hope they’ll be surprised when the full version comes out.

Guitar playthrough by SHOW-HATE

SHOW-HATE: When I see covers by people from overseas, I feel that they are selfish in a good way, or “I play it because I want to play it this way”, and I feel that this is a culture where such things are rooted as a matter of course, which I think is good.

  1. The Rumbling
  1. The Rumbling (TV Size)
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