POLKADOT STINGRAY not only released their single hide and seek on March 19 but also a music video for the title track hide and seek. Though the track starts out upbeat, it surprises with a heavy metal breakdown!

The music video uses a subdued color palette with a massive focus on metallic silver. That metallic silver shines through in the band’s accessories such as vocalist and guitarist Shizuku’s horns, colors of the set, and the usage of silver foil that stands out with their black outfits. As the silver foil surrounds the band, we’re completely surprised by a heavy metal breakdown with bright, crashing, and reverberating electronics.

ポルカドットスティングレイ「hide and seek」MV

Vocalist and guitarist Shizuku sports bright, glittery makeup that stands out as well. It stands out even more as pink liquid glitter pours down Shizuku’s and guitarist Ejima Harushi’s faces later on.

POLKADOT STINGRAY is known for its upbeat melodies ranging from furiously fast riffs to funky numbers and jazzy compositions. Song hide and seek isn’t a departure from that, but the energy expelled is mellow and dare we say, more of a dance song when transitioning into the chorus.

Song hide and seek also serves as the theme to Amazon Prime Video’s romantic comedy Koi ni Ochita Ohitori Sama~Stendhal no Renairon~.

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