NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST announced its first full-length album in almost eight years, “ARGOS” will be released on May 4.

The album title ARGOS takes its name from the hundred-eyed giant “Argos” who appears in Greek mythology. The title reflects NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s determination to make this the most powerful album in the band’s history.

ARGOS comes in a Regular edition, as well as a mail order-only “Special Edition Extreme Edition”. The Special Edition Extreme Edition includes the full album, a bonus CD containing the album’s instrumental version, and finally, a bonus DVD. The DVD contains documentary footage and a music video.

Naturally, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST will be taking ARGOS on the road with a domestic Japan tour “THE AWAKEN TOUR 22“. This tour takes the band on five stops around Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, where they will fight in a “Battle of the Bands” style event.

A teaser video for ARGOS is available on YouTube. The clips provided are equal parts drilling and harsh, then ambient and emotional.


Last but not least, new artist photos dropped! Check out NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s athleisure-chic look below.

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