SUGIZO (Luna Sea, X Japan) has joined forces with Japanese synthesizer performer and music producer HATAKEN to birth a new ambient album titled The Voyage to The Higher Self.

Out today on February 16, this seven-track album is inspired by the ancient Indian philosophy of the seven “Chakras”. Blending the guitar amongst the gentle synths, the energy emitted from each song feels warm yet otherworldly. The first track Muladhara is nine minutes long and takes you on a journey through time and space.


In the description, they explain the concept of Voyage to The Higher Self briefly:

The modular synthesizers breakthrough limits alongside the modulated guitar sounds dancing through space in all directions, creating a sonic image of communicating with the universe. Supreme ambient music is born from here.

You are invited to experience new electronic soundscapes created through an otherworldly experimental approach. Please join us for the experience.

They have also launched a special website for this, so be sure to explore it.

SUGIZO×HATAKEN "The Voyage to The Higher Self" Preview


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