One Eye Closed releases its new single Squall today via JPU Records alongside the coupling music video! With the unveiling, the release discloses the well-kept secret which is that the song features vocalist and guitarist AJ Rebollo from the American metal band ISSUES, and notably, former girugamesh drummer Ryo Trackmaker who was in charge of the mix and mastering.

The song came to its final form starting with a demo composed by guitarist “none” in which he envisioned a journey through a snowstorm. Vocalist REI wrote down the lyrics, taking none’s description as an analogy to describe the struggles of One Eye Closed as a band in their ever-growing career.

I gave it a listen and imagined a character walking against strong winds in a snowstorm, striving until the journey ends. It led me to a deep reflection on our journey as a band.

We were getting a lot of opportunities that were going nowhere due to the global pandemic. A lot of great bands that provided us with guidance, but we still found ourselves unable to fit in with surrounding scenes perfectly.

Squall is mixed and mastered by Ryo, making this his second collaboration with the band following his remaster of the song Low. It also features the outstanding appearance of AJ Rebollo who gives intensity to the song with screaming vocals in contrast to the clean, melodic singing of vocalist REI.

The music video shows the band performing in the dark of an outside location with an icy surface, giving the set a cold atmosphere to complement the idea portrayed in the song. Model Kana provides her acting skills in the music video and is also the face of the single’s cover artwork.

One Eye Closed – Squall ft. AJ Rebollo of ISSUES (Official Music Video)

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