LM.C just celebrated its 15th anniversary, but they’re not stopping there! Two-piece visual kei band LM.C has a new full album, Kaibutsuen (怪物園) coming April 6.

Kaibutsuen has a total of 11 tracks including new songs, and LM.C’s 2020 singles Campanella, No Emotion, and Happy Zombies.

In addition to the regular release, there will be an exclusive limited edition available only through LM.C’s webshop.

The limited edition of Kaibutsuen will be produced on two EP-sized analog CDs (about 18 cm in diameter). The first disc contains the album, while the second includes instrumental versions of all songs. The limited edition also adds a 50-page booklet and a sound source download card. Audiophiles will love the sound source card, which provides the same high-resolution audio quality as the original recording!

Last but not least, buying the limited edition enables you to participate in a one-minute online meet and greet. The meet and greet takes place via Zoom.

You can only preorder the limited edition until February 14, so be sure to snag it while you can!

The regular edition of Kaibutsuen will be available through CD shops, live venues, and mail order at a later date.

If you just can’t get enough LM.C, you can view an archive of their recent live stream below. During the chat, vocalist maya and guitarist Aiji discuss the upcoming album, its limited edition, and a Japan tour.

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