With the 30th anniversary celebration of the shounen manga Baki commencing last year, Crossfaith was granted the opportunity to represent with its action-packed song Gimme Danger! The single was adopted as the celebratory theme song and features rapper ralph as a guest vocalist.

Although we’ve been able to hear parts of Gimme Danger already through the Baki promotion, it isn’t until now that the single has received a release and music video premiere date, in addition to its newly revealed coupling artwork. Look forward to a February 11 release for both the single and music video, and make sure to pre-save the song on your favorite platform!

Crossfaith - Gimme Danger feat. ralph

『刃牙』最強シーン決定戦!! SPECIAL MOVIE

Previously, we’ve seen Crossfaith collaborate on other projects in a similar vein, such as One Pieces’ character popularity contest in 2021. For that occasion, the band also provided an action-packed song, Dead or Alive.

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