Fans of philharmonic metal group Versailles rejoice! In honor of the band’s 15th anniversary, Warner Music Japan released an enviable collection of Versailles content to stream on YouTube for free.

Offerings include the full, two-and-a-half-hour concert “Versailles World Tour 2011 -Holy Grail- GRAND FINAL ~CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES~“. The label also uploaded Versailles’ ASCENDEAD MASTER music video trilogy, and live versions of beloved songs.

You can view the epic full concert and peruse the full video lineup below!

【公式】Versaillesライヴ「CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES -Holy Grail-」(2012.2.12 渋谷公会堂)【フル】ヴェルサイユ

Full concert

Live song performance

Performances from “CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES -Holy Grail- Live at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, 2012.2.12”.

Music video

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