MIYAVI strikes into the anime world yet again! MIYAVI’s highly-anticipated single Strike it Out is now the opening theme song for the currently airing anime series Tribe Nine. The single is now available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, and the CD hits shelves on March 23. The CD will include the single, and three bonus tracks including an instrumental version.

Adrenalized and soaring, Strike it Out makes your heart pump with fast-paced rap lyrics and a hopeful chorus.

The sports, action, and sci-fi anime Tribe Nine takes place in the future, where the youth of “Neo Tokyo Country” split into tribes to find a place to belong. When conflict between the tribes intensifies, the government passes the “XB Law”, allowing conflicts to be settled through Extreme Baseball.

Strike it Out fits this theme with both the title and lyrics like “knock it out of the park”!

The creative minds behind this work include game developer Akatsuki, as well as Kazutaka Kodaka of Too Kyo Games. If the art style looks familiar, it’s because Kodaka also worked on the popular series Danganronpa.

Tribe Nine can be streamed internationally on Funimation.

This isn’t MIYAVI’s first foray into anime; he also acts and performs in the Netflix animated series Arcane, and voiced a character in the animated film Bright: Samurai Soul.

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