On December 23, Japanese girls rock duo BRATS started a crowdfunding campaign for their next music video and by January 12 they reached 100%. Notably, they wanted to cover production costs for Tokyo’s ultra-modern studio “BLACK BOX³”, which houses cutting-edge audiovisual technology and massive LED screens.

Moreover, they can now produce a high-quality and unique music video sooner this year. Yet, fans can still contribute before the January 31 deadline at their page on muevo.

BRATS made sure to give the fans a clear explanation of how this project came to be and why it is essential to them.

In today’s world, where various music and videos are overflowing on the Internet, we think it is essential to produce an eye-catching MV that has an impact to reach as many people as possible.

So, when planning the MV, the answer we arrived at was to shoot at the studio “BLACK BOX³”, which is packed with cutting-edge technology that became a hot topic when a famous Japanese artist used it for live streaming.

Clearly, BRATS is working on new tunes and will likely create songs that exceed the bounds of their previous works. We cannot wait to see what they do with all that cool audiovisual tech.

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