REVIVAL OF THE ERA (ROTE) has announced that they will disband after their one-man show at Shibuya CYCLONE on March 20, 2022.

The band’s official statement doesn’t provide context as to why they are disbanding but they do hint in their individual statements that this won’t be the last time you’ll be seeing the members.

In light of this news, they will also release their last digital single BRAND NEW WORLD on January 15, 2022, and after that, a self-titled best-of album titled REVIVAL OF THE ERA on February 26, 2022. Tracklists for both releases have yet to be revealed.

An artist photo featuring support drummer Ryo, who has worked with the likes of FEST VAINQUEUR and Rides In ReVellion, has also accompanied this announcement. This comes after REVIVAL OF THE ERA’s previous drummer Lenon left the band in July due to his deteriorating physical condition making it difficult to play their more extreme songs.

From left to right: guitarist Ryu, vocalist and guitarist Kazumi, lead vocalist Noname, bassist Suu, and support drummer Ryo.

REVIVAL OF THE ERA’s translated statements are situated below.

Statement from REVIVAL OF THE ERA:

Important Announcement

Thank you for always supporting REVIVAL OF THE ERA.

After our one-man show on March 20, 2022, REVIVAL OF THE ERA will be disbanded. We would like to apologize for the sudden announcement.

For both three years in the metalcore scene, and one year in the visual scene, thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement.

Although there are only a few months left, I hope you will continue to support REVIVAL OF THE ERA until the end.

Thank you very much.

Zantetsu Records.
Noname, Kazumi, Suu, Ryu, and all staff

Vocalist and guitarist Kazumi:

It’s been about four and a half years since we formed, and I’ve spent my entire life working on REVIVAL OF THE ERA.

I think I’ve made steady progress one step at a time with the band members to make this big dream of mine come true. I am truly grateful to the band members for believing in me and following me all the way to this point, even when I was selfishly running the band.

I would also like to thank the team staff who have supported our activities at all times, the live houses that have given us many opportunities to challenge ourselves, the people who have helped us, and everyone who has been involved with REVIVAL OF THE ERA.

I used to think that I was fighting alone. However, when I look back on my activities, I realize that I have always had the support and cooperation of others and have been helped by many people. I really feel that I am a lucky person who is blessed by the people around me.

Above all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has loved REVIVAL OF THE ERA’s music and members.

Words such as “REVIVAL OF THE ERA is cool” and “I love REVIVAL OF THE ERA” have truly saved me. I am truly sorry that I could not keep my promise to everyone and instead chose to disband.

However, I have a dream that I cannot give up on. I’m going to entrust the dream that I couldn’t fulfill in REVIVAL OF THE ERA to my future self.

In the remaining time until March 20, I will do my best to make REVIVAL OF THE ERA memorable for as many people as possible. So that there will be no regrets, we will give it our all until the very last second, so please continue to support REVIVAL OF THE ERA.

Vocalist Noname:

What did REVIVAL OF THE ERA look like to you?

Admired, denied, affirmed, criticized.

I’m sure that there are many different feelings among people.

Nevertheless, thanks to you finding us and getting to know us, I believe that we have been able to keep going until today.

Even if we can’t perform as REVIVAL OF THE ERA after this, I hope that through the sounds and memories, you will remember us, even a little.

To those who found us, and loved us, thank you.

From here onwards, I’ll talk not about the band, but about me personally.

Originally, I didn’t have much confidence at all, and I think I caused a lot of trouble (I don’t know if you consider it trouble) to the members.

However, I am very grateful to those members of the band, who have been behind me on stage, playing their music while we all looked in the same direction for our goals and dreams.

Over the course of four long years, I’m sure we’ve had our differences. Despite this, I do still feel that I’ve been able to grow in all aspects.

From the bottom of my heart, I’m proud that I was able to sing with this band.

Thank you for letting me be on stage, even if you laugh at me for my unworthy vocals.

Furthermore, my biggest thanks goes out to you all, who came out and enjoyed my live performances.

Let’s meet again somewhere, and feel alive together again.

“But if the world doesn’t end. I’d rather have a tomorrow where you’re still alive.”.

Bassist Suu:

I’m truly sorry for surprising you all with this sudden disbandment notice. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone involved with REVIVAL OF THE ERA, as well as everyone new that we met along the way.

I have been able to continue until now because of the support of everyone currently reading this announcement.

Thanks to ROTE, I was able to grow up and achieve many dreams, looking towards the most exciting activities and goals in my life together with all of the members.

I wasn’t able to realize my huge dream of performing with a full orchestra at a giant venue, but I started with a small dream of performing at Shinjuku Antiknock, so then I was more than happy when the CD was distributed nationwide and displayed at Tower Records.

I am proud to have been surrounded by members who respect me and have run with me all these years.

I will treasure the views and wonderful encounters we were able to experience together, forever.

I will be more than happy if ROTE lives on in someone’s heart, as a source of sustenance even after we have disbanded.

I’ll be back on stage soon, so I’ll see you then.

This is the final chapter of ROTE.

I didn’t think that ROTE would disband, and I never had any kind of feeling that we would break up, either. There are still many things that I can’t convey, so I’m going to put all of my feelings into each one of the remaining live performances and tours. We’ll be going all the way until the LAST ONE MAN SHOW on March 20, so please stay with us until the end.

I’m truly thankful.

Guitarist Ryu:

It makes me feel nostalgic to think about how when I was raring to start a band, Kazumi had asked me to join this band.

There were certainly times when it was hard, but I always had a lot of fun, and spent every day eventfully. Although, I still feel like that, even now!

As we went through various experiences together, all the members came to have their own visions. We all respect each other, and it’s for that reason that we made this announcement.

With all of my heart, I felt that if we don’t have time to be negative, let’s have fun and be positive until the end! So when you come to our concert, please show us your smiles and have even more fun than we will.

None of us plan to quit music, so the day we can meet again will definitely come soon. So I won’t say goodbye.

Please enjoy REVIVAL OF THE ERA as fuel to keep looking ahead and live positively.

REVIVAL OF THE ERA formed first and foremost as a metalcore band in 2017 with their first lineup consisting of vocalist Noname, guitarist and vocalist Kazumi, bassist Suu, and drummer Lenon, coining their genre of music as “Symphonic Metalcore”. Guitarist Ryu joined later that year.

It was only in 2020 that they transitioned into a visual kei band. They even got to work with former NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, now nekomanju, and Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra guitarist Cazqui on track Nephthys. Their drummer Lenon then went on to withdraw from the band in May 2021.

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