Format wars have been a subject of hot debate even before beta and VHS. In the era of vinyl rebirth and unlimited streaming, what do you go with? What makes one format superior to the other. That’s really all up in the air. Just like travel restrictions.

We’re back in the bowl of human soup! This time we are tackling the format wars. For this one, we’ll be discussing and highlighting our opinions on digital and physical music media. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. We have some of your input here as well. Stop by for a listen and stay for a debate (read: screaming match). The first one to use all-caps loses.

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Music in physical or digital format? - JROCK ONSEN Ep. 28

Pardon our dust on this one, life comes at you fast and audio hiccups come at you faster. How in the world are we almost at episode 30 with these newbie mistakes. You tell me. Well, actually, it’s just our bad quality control. One day we will be better than (insert first mega-corporation that comes to mind). We promise!

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