To promote the release of Break and Cross the Walls I last week, MAN WITH A MISSION has teamed up with FILTR Japan to curate a playlist of the music that has influenced them. Vocalist Jean-Ken Johnny is the first to pick for the playlist and appears on a talk session in both English and Japanese. The FILTR’d playlist is available on Spotify and Apple Music already, so check out his reasonings for three of his picks below before you head over for a listen.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, which MWAM has often covered live is the first track of this curation:

Definitely the first song to be talked about on the first page of our musical background story. This band gave me the initial impulse kind of influence that made me feel that my musical ears have started to solidify.

Followed by Radiohead’s Stop Whispering, Jean-Ken Johnny says:

I met the band that I would be listening to the most in my life. Whenever I do the voice warm-up at shows, I sing the hook part of this song.

Especially intriguing is the last song on the playlist, Champagne Supernova by Oasis which Jean-Ken Johnny explains:

I love this song so much that I even wish this song to be played at my funeral when I die… I have tremendous trust and almost illusion-like adoration to rock music, and this song kind of exemplifies it.

Listen to his FILTR’d playlist on Spotify and Apple Music and leave voice messages about this playlist on the special Spotify FILTR website.

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