girugamesh just shared a message via the YouTube channel, MAVERICK DC GROUP, teasing some kind of activity for February 1, 2022. The video titled “A Message from girugamesh” is quite vague when it comes to any concrete activity. However, what is clear is that the whole thing is in response to the pandemic and also because of the celebration of MAVERICK DC GROUP’s 40th anniversary.

Back when girugamesh was active, they were signed under the label Danger Crue Records, which is part of the MAVERICK DC GROUP.

MAVERICK DC GROUP was initially established on July 2, 1981, under the name Danger Crue. After a few reorganizations and name changes between the years, the organization as a whole eventually became known as “MAVERICK DC GROUP” on February 6, 2002.

A Message from girugamesh

The four-man band girugamesh disbanded back in 2016 as they believed they’ve “achieved everything [they’ve] hoped for“, as explained by drummer Ryo in our 2015 interview. Since then, the members have parted ways and worked in their own respective fields.

Most notably, we’ve seen Ryo juggling between being a YouTuber and a producer. Or bassist ShuU who has taken part in several music groups, and even started his solo project, Mister Eight. While vocalist Satoshi has been fairly inactive in terms of music activities, he recently spoke out about girugamesh’s disbandment, giving us a new perspective on the whole situation.

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