DIMLIM revealed that they will disband with their live performance at Shibuya WOMB on February 25, 2022. No reason has been indicated in the disbandment announcement, but the band members thank all those who have supported them.

The band disclosed that a new album was in the works and planned for release at the end of 2021, however, said album will now become a best-of album. The details regarding its release have yet to be confirmed. Earlier in the year, they had announced that they would release a single in Spring 2021, but it was never unveiled.

The band and individual members translated comments are as follows:

Statement from DIMLIM:

Thank you for always supporting DIMLIM.

We have an important announcement to make.

After countless discussions between DIMLIM’s members regarding the activities of the band since 2020, the decision to disband after the show at Shibuya WOMB on February 25, 2022, has been taken.

The full album initially planned to be released during the end of 2021, will become a best-of album (more details incoming in the next few days).

We sincerely apologize for such a sudden announcement and also ask for fans’ forgiveness for our lack of communication during the coronavirus crisis.

DIMLIM was formed in 2017, but if the band was able to continue until now, it’s nothing but thanks to the support of fans and all people involved in the band’s activities. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this.

Despite this current situation, DIMLIM’s members are begging for one last chance to express their music along with artists they would like to perform together. Therefore, the band will hold the event “DIMLIM PRESENTS “ANTHEM”” at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO on January 30, 2022.

The show will be limited in audience capacity, but we will wait for you there.

Thank you for loving DIMLIM.

Vocalist Sho

I received so many things from these four years of activities as a DIMLIM’s member.
It’s thanks to the support of fans, but also of all people involved in the band’s activities that we were able to go that far.
I sincerely thank you all.
Thank you.
There are very few shows left, but please let me sing with all my heart until the end.
I am counting on you, until the very last minute and the very last second.

Guitarist Retsu

DIMLIM will disband.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to the end of the thing you’ve put everything into since June 2017.
DIMLIM was the first and last thing I started in my life without knowing right from left.

It truly was something that allowed me to grow.
I learned how to write songs, and you all listened to them, and loved them! Honesty, that has been the happiest thing I’ve heard in my life. It saved me.
Thank you so much for listening to DIMLIM’s music.
Your support really gave me the energy to carry on.

Inside, we’re truly rough and there was a lot that went on but
DIMLIM is and will be a cool band right up until the end, so allow us to show you that through our sound.

I think that these four and a half years of the 25 years I’ve been alive will really leave a mark on my heart that will never fade as long as I live.
Thank you so much.

Drummer Hiroshi

In the three and a half years since I joined DIMLIM, I’ve learned a lot and not just about music.
I was able to stand on stage because of all the people who supported us, and made many wonderful memories.
I’m truly thankful.

But, I wanted to take you with us to even better stages, and bring us all more happiness.
There are a lot of promises we couldn’t fulfill. For that, I’m deeply sorry.

I think every band will have the same experience but, I did not manage to successfully separate my personal life from the band.
Perhaps I was afraid that those parts of me that could not bend, the parts at my core, would change.
I couldn’t change those parts of me, nor my weaknesses that I should have improved, and I caused a lot of trouble in that regard.

To all the fans who have cheered for us, and all the people we have had the pleasure of working with.
Thank you so much for supporting and thinking of DIMLIM.
I will forever be grateful for these things while I step forward and face my music honestly.
I hope you’ll support us until the very end.

DIMLIM was formed on April 2, 2017, with a lineup consisting of vocalist Sho, guitarist Ryuya, guitarist Retsu, bassist Tsubasa, and drummer Issei.

The band was constantly plagued with lineup changes as bassist Tsubasa and drummer Issei left at the same time. They were replaced by bassist Taishi and drummer Hiroshi in 2018 when they revealed the iconic vanitas music video taken from their first concept album CHEDOARA. A little over a year later, guitarist Ryuya and bassist Taishi left DIMLIM in 2019, again at the same time, which saw the band continue as a three-piece.

DIMLIM wasn’t without controversy though as not only did they drastically tone down their visual kei stylings, but also their sound. Their artist photo’s for their single Rijin would be the last time we saw them in visually striking outfits and makeup. It was their artist photos for their second album MISC. that had the band members wearing suits before transitioning to casual-wear.

That wasn’t all that changed though as their sound took a departure from the dark, brooding, and grim metal to bright, anthemic, low-fi math rock. This was made all the more shocking as the transition was made within a few months between both releases.

They were also due to perform overseas with most of their tour dates taking place in South America, more specifically, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil, with one tour date in Russia. Their Mexico tour date was canceled due to low demand, and so a petition to have the performance in a smaller venue was kickstarted. In addition, due to the coronavirus pandemic, their Chile and Brazil dates were postponed.

Their decision to disband surprised organizers Sweet Panda and GatoRoco. Sweet Panda, organizers of the Mexico and Brazil date, published a statement in Portuguese, and GatoRoco, organizers of the Chile date, published one also regarding this decision in Spanish.

As of writing, DIMLIM has released two albums, one mini-album, two singles, four venue-limited singles, and one venue-limited mini-album, with a best-of album on the way.

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