UK-based music label JPU Records enthusiastically announced their plans to carry an international version of LOVEBITES’ upcoming best-of album, IN THE BEGINNING: THE BEST OF 2017-2021. JPU Records offers a special limited-edition t-shirt for the release.

Back in October, all-female heavy metal band LOVEBITES announced an upcoming best-of album featuring 21 tracks chosen by their fans. All songs were remastered by Mika Jussila of Finnvox Studios, Finland, exclusively for this release. Even LOVEBITES’ 2021 single GLORY, GLORY, TO THE WORLD is included in the tracklist, despite earlier announcements that it will not be included in future full-album releases.

The best-of album also contains one brand-new track, written after Miho’s decision to depart LOVEBITES. The title has yet to be confirmed. The new song will be the final release recorded with LOVEBITES’ original lineup

JPU Records offers the CD as well as CD and limited edition t-shirt bundles. The limited-edition T-shirt is emblazoned with the best-of album art, featuring howling wolves, celestial backgrounds, and LOVEBITES’ barbed metallic logo.

On a T-shirt, this logo would be welcome at any heavy metal show.

The album is also available outside of JPU Records, from vendors such as CDJapan. The Japanese versions include bonuses such as DVDs or Blu-ray discs, as well as bonus CDs with instrumental versions.

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  1. Nameless Warrior
  2. Glory To The World
  3. Winds Of Transylvania
  4. Golden Destination
  5. Thunder Vengeance
  6. Holy War
  7. Raise Some Hell
  8. When Destinies Align
  9. Swan Song
  10. Rising
  11. M.D.O.
  1. We The United
  2. Empty Daydream
  3. The Crusade
  4. Break The Wall
  5. Under The Red Sky
  6. The Hammer Of Wrath
  7. Shadowmaker
  8. Scream For Me
  9. Don't Bite The Dust
  10. Edge Of The World
  11. Bravehearted