Spook squad Leetspeak monsters are set to release their Halloween-themed single Trick or Treat on October 20. What’s more, the band’s haunted hype train is now rolling out as the music video for Trick or Treat has been revealed!

The festive spirit of Halloween is alive and well here as the band holds a party surrounded by an abundance of pumpkins, sweet treats, and balloons.

The festive atmosphere plays into the visuals with the bassist Euskyss pulling faces and various hand gestures at the camera. Then there’s drummer DieWolf who is dressed as a little red riding hood with his brilliant smile brightening up the screen.

What chills our spine the most though is Euskyss’ piano solo and the members singing “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”. It doesn’t disappoint!

Single Trick or Treat will release in regular and limited editions, bringing a total of four new songs, but only including three in each edition. The limited edition also treats you with a DVD with the music video for Trick or Treat and its behind-the-scenes footage. This is in fact their second single about Halloween, with their first being This is Halloween.

What also gets our heart racing is Leetspeak monsters’ artist photos where they continue to bring Halloween couture all year around.

  1. Trick or Treat
  2. Starry night
  3. Supernatural
  1. Trick or Treat
  2. Starry night
  3. Devil's play
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