Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) is back and will be holding its convention online this year again due to the pandemic. Just like last year, TIMM will be showcasing artists through a three-day online event and has this time gathered 16 artists to enter the stage in Tokyo!

You will be able to watch the live concerts for free over at YouTube on November 1, 2, and 3. We didn’t get any archived streams last year, so if we go by that, you need to make sure to tune in on time to be able to enjoy the shows.

Some of our personal favorites in the lineup include the anisong powerhouse Void_Chords feat. LIO, and the mysterious and skilled group H△G. But also the sweet-voiced YUC’e, and the energetic electronic rock idol group BiS.

Scroll down to see the full lineup and livestream links! All times are in Japanese Standard Time (JST).

Day 1, November 1

Day 1: Accusefive, Crispy Camera Club, dreamBoat, Ai Higuchi, Void_Chords feat. LIO

Livestream link:

Day 2, November 2

Day 2: Kirameki☆Unforent, Zwei, Tokino Sora, H△G, BiS

Livestream link:

Day 3, November 3

Day 3: Singer’s High, JiLL-Decoy association, DEPAPEPE, Helsinki Lambda Club, Bleecker Chrome, YUC’e

Day 3’s live performance is in collaboration with Independent Music Coalition Japan.

Livestream link:

About TIMM

Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) is the one and only music market in Japan that offers Japanese music a platform for overseas expansion and international exchange in the rapidly changing global music industry.

The main components of TIMM are the Marketplace/Business Matching with overseas buyers, the Business Seminars, which are very popular every year, and the Live Music Showcase offering an opportunity for musicians to appeal directly to overseas buyers.

This year’s 18th TIMM will be held online only.

Update 2021-11-01: Timetables for each of the days have been revealed and added.

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