On October 27, DaizyStripper released a preview for their upcoming single, “Ongaku ga Kieta Hi”! The preview opens with vocalist Yugiri staring deeply into the blank sky. Then, as if filming a documentary, the camera follows each member as they stroll through dimly lit streets. Also, we get a brief listen to the title track, with steady bass drums and hints of piano that lead up to an emotional guitar solo.

DaizyStripper 23th SINGLE「音楽が消えた日」SPOT解禁!

The single is due for release on October 31, containing both CD and DVD. The latter will feature two bonuses. First is a documentary on the band’s latest tour in Japan. The other is five separate versions of the music video, shot only from one member’s perspective.

We can also expect to see footage from the fans included in the full music video. The band previously asked fans to submit videos from their own perspectives with the intention of making the music video a collaborative work—to close the gap between the band and the fans during the pandemic.

The CD jacket for this single is now out:

CD jacket for DaizyStripper’s new single “Ongaku Ga Kieta No Hi”.

Follow the band’s website and social media to find out more!

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