This month, five-piece visual kei giant DaizyStripper releases their latest single “Ongaku ga Kieta Hi”. In a mold-breaking move, the band asked for fans’ help creating content for the music video.

In August, the band asked fans to submit a 30-40 second video to their official Twitter by September 30. There were several requirements for this video. First, fans should film from their perspective, as per drummer Kazami’s demonstration below. Second, fans should film the video in landscape mode and at night.

【MV募集告知】10月Release New Single『音楽が消えた日』トレゾア参加型ミュージックビデオのお知らせ

In the band’s call for submissions, they put out the following message:

Last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, a rift opened between us. We couldn’t be near that which we hold dear, and that lonely night continued. What did the world look like for you then? We ask you to please share the view from your eyes on those nights.

Fittingly, the title of the new single translates to “The Day Music Disappeared”. For the band, the period of separation was like a world without music. This collaborative act expresses a desire to reconnect with fans through music.

Lastly, we have this alluring and mysterious poster to pair with the band’s message.

Poster for DaizyStripper’s new single “Ongaku ga Kieta Hi”.

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