Melodic metal visual kei band Jupiter held their first global livestream on August 28, placing the monumental concert under the ‘Jupiter Tour “THE FORCES” Tokyo‘.

Broadcasted via ZAIKO from Omotesando Ground in Tokyo, the two-hour-long tour de force highlighted some of their most popular hits, from their debut album to their latest release Warrior of Liberation.

The show was planned for a live audience, but due to the ongoing pandemic, it was postponed. Jupiter decided to carry on the show but limiting it to only livestream, encouraging viewers whose tickets were returned to tune in at home.

They pulled out all the stops, enlisting a full crew with several cameras, lasers, and moody light effects. During an emcee session, guitarist HIZAKI expressed wanting to deliver a high-quality show even with an empty venue.

Jupiter unpacked its full arsenal of heavy metal techniques. Drummer DAISUKE dropped emphatic beats, the bass drum and cymbals framed by intricate guitar solos.

Both HIZAKI and TERU got their chance to shine with independent solos throughout the night, their fingers flying nimbly over their fretboards.

Vocalist KUZE provided gruff, husky riffs and growls that elevated the tension. It became clear that Jupiter’s members are masters of their craft, playing with pinpoint accuracy.

With everything from rock ballads to epic songs, it was a love letter to melodic metal.

With such a professional, technical performance, you’d never know that the stage air conditioning was broken! KUZE revealed this during an emcee session about halfway through the set. However, the vocalist seemed more concerned for viewers at home, hoping that their neighbors weren’t complaining about the noisy concert.

After a massive 14-song set, Jupiter also gave us a two-song encore. Members sported new band tees made for their current tour, designed by guitarist TERU. If you’d like to snag one for yourself, you can pre-order it here!

Jupiter Tour “THE FORCES” Tokyo


  1. SE -Introduction
  2. The Birth of Venus
  4. Drastic Night
  5. Bring me out
  6. Angel’s Wings
  7. No cry no more
  9. My Enemy
  10. Warrior of Liberation
  12. The Spirit within me
  13. Memories of You
  14. Blessing of the Future
  15. Zeus: I. Legend Never Die / II. Conversations with God


  1. B.L.A.S.T
  2. Theory of Evolution
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  1. Warrior of Liberation
  2. My Enemy
  3. Save Your Life
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