DEVILOOF announces its third album titled DYSTOPIA that is an evolution from their previous work. It’s planned to be released sometime in November.

Although the announcement was short, it was pretty sweet. Why is that? Because we also find out that the new black metal DEVILOOF logo accompanying the album is designed by no other than the praised artist Toshihiro Egawa. That itself is an indication of something brutal.

As explained by the band’s leader and bassist Daiki while referencing the new logo, “This is an even further evolution from [the mini-album] PURGE which has no clean vocals, and will push the limits of villainy”.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Toshihiro Egawa, his work is recognized on an international level and has most likely worked with your favorite band in the past. Some of them include the GazettE, BABYMETAL, Matenrou Opera, SiM, and many more. And surprise, he’s the designer behind the other logo DEVILOOF has been using since 2017.

Check out the new DEVILOOF logo for the album DYSTOPIA below!

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