After coldrain’s joint effort with SiM and HEY-SMITH under the name TRIPLE-AXE and their first single 15MANIAX, the band returned as a five-member outfit for their digital single PARADISE (Kill The Silence), released September 17.

To accompany it, they revealed a music video for the anthemic song shot in a venue that is very special to them—USEN STUDIO COAST. coldrain performed lives there before, including their live DVD EVOLVE. Unfortunately, the concert hall announced it will close early next year, evoking feelings of sadness from fans. But what about the artists who called it home?

PARADISE (Kill the Silence) tackles those emotions and honors their old stomping grounds. Even the single’s jacket art pays homage to the beloved venue while also parodying the “Parental Advisory” logo to “coldrain Paradise”.

The cover for PARADISE (Kill the Silence) features the iconic Studio Coast marquee.

The video is anything but somber, though! The band plays on a raised platform, surrounded by a flurry of cutting-edge LED technology. Bright graphics splash under the member’s feet, combining the song’s lyrics in various typography with engaging visuals. Some visuals include footage from previous lives, with a special emphasis on the fans. The scenes also convey how far the band has come from performing in the United States on Vans Warped Tour 2016 to the Nippon Budokan and beyond.

There’s an intense feeling of velocity, starting with slow-motion shots then accelerating into the song’s hook. Angles rotate from above and below, aptly suiting the overall sound of the song. It’s bittersweet, inspiring, and uniting.

coldrain - PARADISE(Kill The Silence) 【Official Music Video】

Vocalist Masato’s lyrics, which can be found in the description of the video, are poignant from start to finish. We can only assume he is singing about the coronavirus pandemic with the first line, “isolated keeping distance”. That alone sets the tone and lyrical theme for the music video.

Digging deeper, the reference to PARADISE alludes to the place where the band and fans meet—the concert hall. The music video also takes place in a concert hall that was dear to them, and that’s where they’ll “Kill The Silence”.

Perhaps by honoring the soon-closing STUDIO COAST, they intend to “Kill the Silence” and keep rocking venues moving forward. It’s all up for interpretation but it undeniably speaks volumes—no pun intended.

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